SINGLE Fabric Hair Roller, purchase individual piece for wearing daily as a bun, or to create other hair styles.

Approximately One (1) inch in diameter. (EXTRA Long) and 14 inches long. bright yellow Sunflowers on a golden backdrop. Photo #2 gives you a visual comparison of our extra long and regular size showing the regular size (solid brown) nestled inside the larger golden roller. Note, you only receive 1 roller with this listing.

This roller is best for individuals with thick hair, and may not be useful for someone with thinner hair. Please note our policies that all sales are final due to the personal nature of our products as we cannot offer refunds.

Hair rollers have “Phase Change Material” l inside them. While a few minutes with your hair dryer is ok, these rollers should not be heated prior to use.

If using as a hair bun, make a pony tail with an elastic hair band. Begin rolling your pony tail from the bottom up and snap the roller together when you reach the base of your pony tail. You can secure with Bobby Pins (not included) from this point leaving part of the roller visible for fashion, or completely spread your hair to cover the rest of the roller and secure with Bobby Pins to wear as an elegant bun.