Spring Trio Orange and Purple 3 Piece set Fabric Hair Roller / Hair Curler / Hair Buns


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If you are looking for a pampering gift for yourself, or another, consider these reimagined fabric hair bun makers. Using only the highest quality material, these hair accessories are able to effortlessly style your hair while you work, play and even sleep. These hair accessories are striking, simple, and sophisticated.

The purchase of this listing includes 3 fabric hair bun makers approximately 1 1/2 inch (or 1 inch if chosen) in diameter and 10 inches in length. Prints included are: Cream with a floral pattern featuring orange and purples, Solid Orange and Light Purple with tiny White Polka Dots. This is a Cotton Fabric set.

Also available in 3/4 inch diameter by 8-3/4 inches long.

I make each of these using a layer of Phase Change Material which is a heat wicking material. Hard and unruly foam hair curlers of the past are banished with our delightfully stylish Fabric Hair Bun Makers.

To use your Fabric Hair Bun Maker, all you need to do is start with clean hair (wet or dry) make a Pony Tail and starting at the tip of your pony tail, wind your hair gently around the Fabric Hair Bun Maker. When you reach the top of your hair, snap the ends together and either spread the hair evenly to cover all of your Fabric Hair Bun Maker, or spread the hair evenly to leave your fun print for everyone to see. Secure with bobby pins (not included) if needed.

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