Shield Face Mask Adult Sized for Men, Mermaids, Skulls, Tattoos

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Shield Face Mask Adult Sized for Men, Mermaids, Skulls, Tattoos


Machine washable, allow to air dry.  For best results wash in a laundry bag. You can machine dry these, but keep in mind all 100% cotton is going to shrink each time you wash it.  We pre-wash all our fabrics in HOT water, and dry them on HIGH heat to pre-shrink prior to cutting and sewing the masks.

We use a single piece of elastic that goes around your entire head.  This piece can easily be snipped and converted into ear straps if you choose.  We sew the casing of each mask so the elastic can easily be replaced if needed.

These are handmade, and NOT medical grade face masks.  We make no claims that our mask will protect you from viruses such as COVID-19. We are not medical professionals and are not offering advice.



GUYS…find Shield Face Mask Adult here that feature beautiful, and somewhat erotic, bold images! Mermaids, tattooed ladies, ladies hidden in flame – take a closer look if you missed the ladies at first glance, and manly skulls.  These masks scream masculinity and guarantee your man-card is fully validated.  Heck, the inside filter pocket even provides storage for your man-card!

Each mask is cut and sewed individually with care and attention to details.

Our Shield Face Masks feature 2 layers of quality cotton fabric, and a handy filter pocket on the inside which allows you to insert a filter should you choose.  Filters are not provided.   Elastic is provided though we can replace the elastic with tie on cotton straps on request.

Sizing of the Shield Face Mask Adult Size for men measures approximately 7-3/4 inches from the top of the nose to the chin and approximately 12 inches across the cheeks.  As each mask is individually made, there may be slight variances in size as well as image placement.

Whether you are wearing a mask because it is required, you are protecting yourself, or your loved ones, My Easy Curls will provide a quality, handmade mask to meet your needs.  A Shield Face Mask is perfect for complying with many states having mandatory face covering rules in place currently.  They offer a barrier against dust, allergens and pollen.  Handmade Face Masks are Eco-Friendly and with proper care will last multiple seasons.

Product selection:

Mermaids note photos for correct selection, $20 per mask
*Star bra = item A
*Holding the hair = item B
*Hands keep her decent = item C
*Forward perch = Item D

*Women In Flames $20 per mask – Item E  (these are not just flames on fabric.  Look closely!)

*Skulls– item F black and White Skulls. $9 per mask

Las Elegantes $20 per mask LIMITED QUANTITIES
*Back view with Long Tattoo = item G
*Left facing with left hand folded at neck = Item H
*Forward facing with black and red tattoo on right shoulder = Item I
*Side facing Blonde with black rose Tattoos along right arm = item J

Shield Face Mask Adult Size Men are handmade in North Carolina! We make these on order and typically ship within 5 business days or less.

DISCLAIMER: We make no claims that our mask will protect you from viruses such as COVID-19. We are not  medical professionals and not offering medical advice.

Do you know if your state requires masks?  This list is current as of late July 2020


IF YOU WANT SIZE ADJUSTMENTS, LARGER OR SMALLER MESSAGE SUPPORT@MYEASYCURLS.COM PRIOR TO PURCHASE.  While we offer a smaller size mask, not all of the images available here are suitable for our smaller size masks.  You can find OTHER MASK OPTIONS here.

Additional information

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A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J


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