Mint Green Soft Rollers in cotton fabric are available in our 3/4 inch size.

7 piece set featuring a Spring inspired two-tone Mint Green pattern.

Our rollers are fabulous for big bouncy curls to cute spiral ringlets, adding volume to hair and work great for making buns. When you wear our rollers as a bun, your hair will come out curled. Wear a bun while your running errands and take it down when your ready to go out, instant curls, and both styles look great.  Be sure and visit our F/A/Q ( ) page to see details on each size diameter we offer.

Handmade hair rollers that work hard with ease.  The key to our rollers is our exclusive use of Phase Change Material (PCM).  PCM is a heat wicking material. Our inclusion in each roller allows your hair to begin curling in a very short amount of time.  In as little as 20 minutes achieve an out the door hair style- obviously the longer your wear the rollers the more curl and volume you will achieve.  This PCM additionally provides a layer of durability and quality that can only be achieved in a handmade environment.   Our rollers have zero foam so they do not flatten, and they have no wires that poke tender heads.

There is only 1 set in this print remaining and it is ready to ship.