Fabric hair rollers made with cotton fabric and plastic snaps. Hair rollers are comfortable to sleep in.

This listing is for your choice, a single (1) Roller both 1 inch and 1/5 inch available, or a 6 piece set of 1 inch diameter x 10 inch length Fabric Hair Rollers.

Long 1 inch is 13 inches long. This is great for ladies with thick hair.

This print is perfect for doctors, nurses, EMT’s and anyone working in healthcare as it features an EKG rhythm with a bold red heart. Please note that the heart is in a different place on each roller we have made and there are no two exactly alike.

These Rollers are made with cotton fabric, KAM snaps, and include a layer of Phase Change Material. Because there is no foam inside these rollers they will maintain their round shape for years to come.

Machine wash in a lingerie bag and lay flat to dry.

Note: This print cannot be duplicated, there is no more of this fabric.