Start with certified organic cotton, we give all our fabric a hot water prewash, and high heat tumble try to remove shrinking. Each mask is cut and sewed individually with care and attention to details.

4 sizes to choose:
Womens / Teens
Child size 7 – 12
Child size 3 – 6

Two layers of organic cotton with a filter pocket included where you can add a filter of your own if you choose. (Filters are not provided.)

We use elastic in a style that goes over your head, not the ears to keep your mask on. If you want to replace the elastic with tie on straps we can do so at no additional cost.
Note: To choose the tie on style, please make that selection when you are checking out. I cannot offer refunds or exchanges on this product.

As the strap is a single piece of elastic, you can easily tie a knot in the elastic if it arrives too large. I purposely add a bit of length to accommodate a bigger need as it is so easy to shorten. Once you shorten the elastic, slide the knotted end back into the side channel. This pattern also allows for replacement of the elastic should you ever need to.

I have made this with care, from pinking each cut edge and seam after sewing, to the decorative top stitch. You can machine wash and dry and iron your mask without fear of shrinkage or damage.

Creating handmade sewn items since 2010, I thank you for the opportunity to create a unique and cherished item for you, or your family members. Thank you for supporting our small business.

DISCLAIMER: THESE MASKS ARE NOT MEANT TO PROTECT AGAINST COVID-19. There is a shortage in masks and in a situation where it is a fabric mask or nothing, this is clearly better. There is also an opening in this mask to allow users to insert a filter, like a surgical mask (it helps protect that mask for longer use), a coffee filter, or even t-shirt fabric in a pinch. I am not a medical professional and not offering medical advice, simply trying to help with a mask shortage.  Filter inserts are NOT included. We have donated over 200 (more every day) masks in our community. Purchasing a mask from our shop allows us to continue donating to those in need!