If you are looking for a pampering gift for yourself, or another, consider these reimagined hair curler sets. Using only the highest quality Smart Fabric, these hair accessories are able to effortlessly style your hair while you dream the sweetest dreams. A batik print, this pattern features slate blue streaks on a rose pink background, these hair curlers are striking, simple, and sophisticated.

The purchase of this listing includes a set of eight (8) fabric hair rollers approximately 3/4 inch in diameter. and 8.5 inches long.

Each of these fabric hair curlers is made using Smart Fabric which not only regulates your body temperature, but also guarantees the comfort of your sleep. Hard and unruly foam hair curlers of the past are banished with our delightfully stylish red feather curlers.

To use your set of feather hair curlers, all you need to do is start with clean hair (wet or dry) at the top of your head and roll one section of hair onto a roller and snap the ends together. If you would like you can always massage a touch of gel or mouse into your hair before you begin. Roll the next section of your hair but then link it through the first roller before you snap it together. By linking sequential fabric hair curlers together you prevent movement during the night and ensure the perfect set of curls!

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If you would like a custom color combination I am happy to make them for you, contact me.