Trio Collection Sets

Quantities are limited in most of our Three Piece Sets.  

While our 2 largest diameters are most popular, we do offer all four of our diameters in most of our selections. If you do not see a size you are interested in please contact us. 

Try our Mermaid Collection... Made with blue, red and silver Lame Fabric, these buns are fun and very unique.  
Our Neutral selection gives you a three piece set of our widely popular White, Black and Off White solid buns.  

Coming soon- the Chocolate Trio- Rich Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate - we will offer these in both cotton and satin.  

A Spring collection - This is a soft, robin's egg blue print with bird feather's and delicate flower blooms paired with a deep solid turquoise. Piece three is still being debated, either white, or ivory.  Stay tuned. 

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