It is our family’s vision to share our desire for individuality and unique style for fun curly hair creations.

Several years ago I was introduced to Smart Fabric  which is a phase change material with moisture-wicking ability.  This Phase Change Material (PCM), is used in many everyday items from manufacturers.  After experimenting with bedding items, we began making soft fabric hair rollers that include the phase change fabric.  The PCM layer used in our Hair Rollers and Hair Buns sets our products apart from everything else available.

My Hair Rollers and Hair Donuts were something fun I could do with the entire family. I was tired of foam rollers that were bulky, lost their shape quickly and frankly ugly.  Let’s not mention my daughter wearing a sock in her head for her bun! While I am the first to admit the sock works to make a bun, I cannot stand the thought of a sock in my kids hair.  I wanted something innovative, long lasting, FUN, UNIQUE, and wearable in public.


Ours is a family operation. Each fabric has a story beginning with my daughters helping to select the fabrics. Each individual roller will go through many steps, each completed by one of the four members of our family. I cannot express the joy in my heart at seeing one of our hair buns in use by members of our community, or see photos online showing happy clients with their beautiful curls from our rollers.